Common mistakes in interior fit out in Abu Dhabi

Do interior designers make mistakes? Yes definitely, the unplanned design must go wrong. People put a huge amount into their dream space, so designing without any falls is more important. Here listing some of the common mistakes usually happening.

Designing starts with exact planning, measure your room first. It helps to plan correct arrangements and select suitable colours. When we arrange furniture without scaling, the rooms become congested. With the use of unmatching colours, the rooms become dark.

The oversized furniture reduces the room space and unmatching color of the furniture will make the room dark. Arrange the furniture according to the size of room and also choose correct size furniture for space management.

Getting the correct amount of light to the rooms is the most important factor to deliver an actual result of a design. For example, allow the natural light to enter the room through doors, windows etc. Use mirrors to bounce the light.

Designing a room is better thought, but overloading is more boring. Apply the trends with secure and suitable for the lifestyle. Only the correct design will deliver the actual results.

Hanging photos and paintings is good in designing. But arranged them in suitable manner and give cluttered look. Do not place them too high or low, these set of photos effect the total appearance of the room and wall.

Sometimes people miss the chance of set greenery at home. Placing the plants at rooms is deliver a natural feel and refreshment to the room. Plants are always a good idea.

Your home always represents your personality, add your choices and set your favorites. Because home is a dream, make your dream as your choices. Make your refection much better without falls.