Property styling as a factor of successful business

Be it residential, hospitality, food service, warehouse, recreation, medical, administrative or educational, interior designing can be a thriving business in all these sectors. We have come a long way from dress styling to property styling over the years. Whenever we enter a new space, its arrangement and design always catches our sense of sight. Hence, every sector these days tries to present before the people the best customer-friendly set up and ambience to ensure standard customer experience.

Family homes and dormitories mainly constitute the areas of interior designing in the residential building sector. Interior designers divide the spaces into two as heavy-use areas and medium use areas before conducting concept development. Entrance, kitchens, bathrooms, staircases and laundry rooms constitute the heavy use areas whereas corridors, hallways, family living and dining rooms constitute the medium-use areas. When it comes to hospitality or lodging sector, registration counters, lobbies, entrance, staircases, elevators and lobbies are considered to be heavy-use areas. Medium-use areas include management and administrative offices while bedrooms are light-use areas.

These days, interior designing has the greatest scope in the food service sector since creative and innovative serving spaces are the trend of the time. Dining halls, open mess, cafeterias, restaurants as well as flight kitchens go for interior designing services.

Recreational facilities consist of fitness centres, gymnasiums, golf parks, libraries, community and youth centres and theatres. Educational sector seeks the service of interior designers in setting up professional and technical classrooms, restrooms, service areas and canteens as well.

A professional interior designer must be well aware of the most suitable choices of furnishing and colour themes for every space. For instance, while an office atmosphere calls for light colours and minimal and standard furnishings, a game centre for children requires vibrant colours, lightings and furnishing to attract customer attention. This kind of differentiation is a necessity when it comes to sustenance of interior designing business in various sectors.

A deep study of the space purpose and requirements, hence, becomes the initial process of interior designing since different spaces serve different purposes. Customers always look for a touch of newness wherever they go. If a new restaurant opens in the town, it’s not only the menu that attracts customers, but the setting up of the dining space, the colours as well as the furnishings. These days, people even check whether the place they are going is Instagram-worthy or not. Hence, regular updation of customer trends is vital in the field of interior designing and decoration.